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Rosa's Story (Part III) ...

Rosa ran and played with Pat's other "orphans", carrying the affected limb uplifted, if necessary....but her exuberance and love of life was undaunted! She developed a kinship with "Bert"--a feline rescue of Pat's, who would sleep next to or on top of Rosa's crate and became her constant companion!

Rosa completed basic obedience classes with honors!!! (When the instructor urged Pat not to "force" Rosa because of her obvious deformity, Pat deferred to Rosa and Rosa complied--more than willingly--an Airedale, above all else, knows that there are NO LIMITS)!!! Rosa was undaunted!

Rosa represented NATA in the Cornhusker Kennel Club's Rescue Parade in November of 2000! But, after an incomparably severe winter, Rosa began to experience "pain" in the affected forelimb! Amputation seemed the only alternative! In a last ditch effort a referral was made to the orthopedic surgeon.......................

And a miracle occurred!

Rosa with bandage!

Story to be continued .................

There are many wonderful dogs available through Airedale rescue! If you'd be interested in learning more about them, please contact a regional rescue volunteer!

Orphaned Pets!!!!!

Many pets may have been "orphaned" by the WTC tragedy! Organizations trying to rescue or care for them, or provide financial assistance to those who are providing services to them, include:

The Center for Animal Care and Control (telephone: 1-718-647-8600)

The ASPCA (telephone: 1-212-876-7700, ext. 4738)

If you would like to make a contribution to assist in the recovery and placement of orphaned pets, or if you can assist in foster care and placement, please contact one of the above!

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