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Airedale Etiquette: (part I) "Rules of the Road"

Humans are most impressed by "lead-broken????" dogs. In Airedale language this means: You Lead, They Follow, Your Speed!

When walking with your human, never go to the bathroom in your own yard! It's a "baggie" deal--they must pick up after you!

If you must go to the bathroom in your front yard, use the newspaper that's placed there for your convenience!

Stop frequently to smell the roses...and the shrubs, and the light posts, and the mailboxes, especially the mailboxes! There's lots of "mail" out there...don't hesitate to leave a response--especially "express mail"!

Humans NEED exercise. Often they attempt to circumvent this by using a "flexi-lead" when you walk them. It is your responsibility,therefore, to entangle the "flexi-lead" in any available shrub, tree, or pediment you can find. This ensures that your human gets the exercise he or she needs!

Sidewalks are TERRITORY!!! Challenge anyone or anything who trespasses on yours!

Know the law of the land! Pedestrians have the right of way (ped=feet)! You have four; humans have two; you have the right of way!!!!

Never, ever chase a moving vehicle!!! Wait until it stops and THEN pounce on it! You may have to use your nails to hang on...!

Airedale Etiquette: (Part 2) "When Company Comes"

You are the first line of defense for your family. When strangers come, be first at the door, glare at them, and be sure to growl if they move!

It is your responsibility to "caninize" humans. Prance around them, nudge their "privates", and be sure to lick, lick, lick! Having such initiated them, feel free to pounce on them playfully; if they cry or shout, lick their face and growl gently to show your concern!

Scent is important to humans! This is why they use deodorants, perfumes, and powders! As a well-mannered Airedale, it is your responsibility to "sniff, sniff, sniff"--sniff them all over!

It's customary to offer guests "gifts"! Therefore, share your best rubber or vinyl toys with them (to make your "gift" special, be sure it has your saliva, partially digested food, or hairs attached). Partially digested or regurgitated rawhide chews are especially meaningful!

Sometimes humans feign indifference...or humility. If they hesitiate to "accept" your gift, just drop it in their laps!

It is undignified to beg at the table; just take what you want!

Humans have a great need for "acceptance"! Be sure to "mark" them!

Humans tend to be shy! You can break the ice by running through your home with your human's undergarments! This is a particularly effective strategy if you growl and shake your head simultaneously! However, your human's undergarments are private property and you must not surrender them to any intruder! Continue to "exhibit" them freely despite attempted intervention!

Airedalel Etiquette: (Part III) "The House Dog..."

Housebreaking is important to humans; remember that "vigor is the better part of hard"!

Alert your humans to any possible intruders! BARK! BARK! BARK! You will relieve their anxieties by barking, barking, barking in the middle of the night! Let them know you're on duty!

Your yard is your kingdom! If there's something missing, dig, dig, dig, until you find it!

Lawns are very important to humans, so if you must destroy something, tackle a flower bed!

Remember that all pillows belong on the floor--this is where they're accessible!

Humans like scented linens! Be sure to roll all over their freshly laundered linens to scent them!

Leave nose prints on the windows to let would-be burglars know you're on duty (the higher the prints, the more frightened the burglar, so "look up")! And always empty your water bowl before licking your human!

Airedale Etiquette: (Part IV) "Rules of the Road" Be eco-friendly: evergreens, rhododendrons, ferns, and roses, among others, are acid-loving plants! Be sure to fertilize them!


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